Torture Gardens with my Lover

I met Ben on a night out and we swapped numbers and over the next few days we chatted and then arranged to met.
There was definitely was a connection but he made it pretty clear that he was after something casual. I weighed up my options, at the time i was very unlucky in love and there was no one else on the horizon that even wanted to spend time with me. So i agreed to us being casual fun time friends.

Over the weeks, we grew to be quite fond of each other, the sex was just getting better each visit and he soon started to spark my interest into some taboo topics. I felt comfortable with him and i felt i could indulge in anything i wanted.

He had a thing for water sports and although it certainly wasn't my thing – i knew he enjoyed it so i would indulge in his desires. We shared many experiences together over the course of a year until we finally parted ways. My fondest memory was us going to Torture Garden together.

The anticipation was electric as we travelled over as it was a new experience for him and my first time being there with a partner.
I was excited to see what scenes they had set up this time, dance for hours and to get behind the curtain. It was a mystery but my imagination was coming up with all different dirty deeds happening behind there.
We walked around and stopped to watch a women who was suspended being played with by her lover, who then invited spectators to participate. Even as i write this i have just realised that was my first image of a Sub/Dom relationship.

We made our way to the queue and we kept ourselves aroused whilst waiting. Once the curtain was pulled back there were bodies everywhere in various states of play, I didn't know where to look first. We found ourselves a spot in the corner and i got to my knees and gave him my mouth. I was wearing my zipper shorts so i could swiftly undo them and lower myself onto him. It was exhilarating! My heart was racing and i was aware that at any moment we were being watched and enjoyed by other prying eyes.

We enjoyed the moment for as long as we could before deciding to move on. However, we didn't get far; eager to push the boundaries further we found a seat outside and again i lowered myself on my partner. Soon after, a man came and sat next to us of course watching and he stroked my leg "asking to join in" – i quickly snapped back and slapped his hand off all while screaming 'No" and he soon disappeared. My partner was pretty shooked up, so we took this as a sign to go have a dance and save it for when we got to the hotel.

Going to Torture Gardens was swiftly becoming my favourite night out and i was already looking forward to my next visit.


Next time – My first public spanking…


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