Where it began…

My path into the BDSM world started at least 10 years ago with my first visit to a club night called Torture Gardens.  I went with a friend and really had no idea what i was getting into.

I took great pleasure in picking the perfect outfit, i wanted to fit in but i wanted to still feel covered as i'd never been on a night out wearing so little.  I settled upon fishnets with a seem up the back, black latex shorts with a zip from front to back, a leopard print corset, patent red peep toe shoes finished off with lace over my eyes.  I felt sexy, slim and powerful.
As we were in the queue we got talking to a gentlemen behind us and i shared with him that it was my first time, he would come to be a key part in a future TG event.  The location of TG was in a gorgeous, gothic church with large high ceiling rooms with lots of dark corners, spiral staircases and cold, raw brick walls. It was perfect.
What i enjoyed most was that the energy and atmosphere was very welcoming and i felt safe.  It was very different to a normal night out where i used to get my butt grabbed multiple times, i knew that if someone wanted to touch me they would have to ask for my permission.  I took enjoyment knowing that.
As it was my first time, I didn't get involved with any of the scenes but observed them and spend many hours dancing to the fantastic music being played.

Overall; it was a enlightening experience and one that i was excited to repeat with a partner so i could explore the area behind the curtain.  I wanted to push my boundaries and explore my growing curiosity into the BDSM world.

My eyes were opened and i wanted them to remain that way.


Next time – Torture gardens with my lover


4 thoughts on “Where it began…

      1. missy says:

        I think that the Edinburgh one is pretty tame in comparison re play etc. The laws are different here so you can play but nothing sexual. We would like to visit the London one though.


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