My first public Spanking

So, i'm seeing this guy who i have known for a few years and finally were giving it a go. He is literally obsessed with my bum. Which is a pretty sure fired way to peak my interest.

I start telling him about my Torture Gardens experience and he was totally up for it.

We got tickets and headed out on our adventure. He chose to wear a full face mask, which I didn't initially get the idea of at first, but we will come to that later.

We arrived at the club in Vauxhall in London, the space is all on one level and it has curtains (not THAT kind of curtain) separating the different zones. We take a wonder round to get our bearings and start to find our rhythm with the music and watch a few scenes.
We started watching this women being spanked on a giant wooden cross and i was enjoying what i was seeing. I've had the odd spank from partners but never to this degree and i desperately wanted to try it. Surveying the crowd, i saw the gentleman from the queue from my first visit to TG. I simply had to go say hello!

He was taken by surprise from my sudden appearance but once i reminded him he remembered me. After catching up about my 1st experience, my eyes drifted back to the women on the X. He asked me "Have you had a go?" I respond "No, it's my partners first time", to my surprise he said "I'll do it for you – if you want a go and if he doesn't mind". I took a quick second and replied excitedly and we waited for our time.
Once the couple were finished, i rolled up my latex skirt around my waist to expose my peachy bum and took my place on the X – arms and legs spread.
He whispered in my ear "Remember to breath and let me know when you've had enough". I braced myself for the first blow, but he connected to me with a gentle touch. From then on, he would gradually increase the degree of force, I could hear myself moaning each time he landed a blow.
Between spanks he would gently caress my sore pink cheeks and he whispers to me that my partner was watching; this only turned me on even further and reminded me that people were behind me watching. As my arse got more tender, the intensity increased and the steadier my moans became. It wasn't long before the pain was taking over and asked him to stop. He gave my a hug as we thanked each other for the experience and he walked me back to my partner. He said to him "Make sure you gives her lots of kisses and cuddles as she's going to be feeling it in about 20mins".

I had no idea what was coming next. My cheeks were pulsing sending signals of arousal right through me. We were standing watching some weird scene when i has hit with this wave of pleasure, adrenaline, whatever – rise from my swollen bum and my lower back, up my spine and over my head.
I found myself needing to steady myself on my partner as the rush took over. I could of fucked him right there – but i had to settle for kisses hidden behind his mask and his hands caressing my swollen peach before we headed back to the hotel to fuck each other. Hard.

Maybe it was the excitement of that being my first spanking experience, or whether it was because he was an experienced spanker – but i've never had that feeling repeat ever since.

A girl can hope.


Next time – Totally pumped…


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