Totally Pumped…

I met Dave on a Friday night at my favourite club in my hometown, i remember i was dancing to Shy FX "Shake your body" and i was going for it grinding, head banging, skanking – everything and it got his attention. This guy could move too and he came and danced with me. We got chatting and we just clicked. I was already dating someone at the time but he lived up north (long distance internet boyfriend) so we truly were just friends….until me and the boyfriend broke up. And I accidentally found myself at his one night…

He had this one inseparable best friend and we used to hang out as a threesome. Nothing like that, but now that i come to think about it there definitely was an atmosphere when we were alone in a house together. Like the idea was there in their heads, but they didn't have the balls to follow through. To be fair I wouldn't of known how to react.

Me and Dave soon started to see less of each other, with us eventually hardly ever talking unless we were at the club at the same time. The fling was over; it was what it was and we moved on. The last thing i remember hearing was that he was doing design work in London.
I was online, when a message from Dave comes through, we got to talking and soon a full reunion is happening via MSN messenger. Soon the conversation edges towards our current relationship status' and we start to reminisce about our fling. After discovering we were both single and up for some fun, we arranged a day for me to head into London to meet up with him.

I arrived at his place and it was amazing! Really bright and open with huge windows on three walls – you could definitely tell it belonged to a designer. It was a studio apartment therefore it was open plan; his double bed was in the middle of the flat located up against the biggest window. We had the usual catch up chat before we launched our selves at each other and started fooling around on his bed.

He was still as gorgeous as i remember, surfy bleached hair and a fit, toned body. He knew exactly what he wanted, so he got to work teasing my clit with his tongue whilst massaging my insides with his fingers. Although he was eager for it, he took his time and i was enjoying the attention being lavished on me. Unbeknownst to me, of what he was planning.

He instructed me to get in all fours and i felt his dick enter my sweet, wet pussy. He knew exactly was he was doing and so he kept a steady pace, unaware of his intention i was fucking back onto him to fill me further and harder. He then pulls out and he starts to play my pussy with his fingers again and i remember him say 'that's 2, shall we try 3?' I respond with a barely audible "uh huh" because frankly I didn't care what he doing as it was feeling incredible.

"Thats 3, shall we try 4?'

This time i'm howling at him for more as i have never felt anything like it. The feeling of being so stretched was such a turn on, only having had guys use a maximum 2 fingers on me under normal circumstances. I could tell that this was anything but normal. I could hear myself getting wetter and feel myself relaxing against him, not feeling the slight good pain of being stretched and so he took this as a sign to slide in the remaining finger and plunge his fist in me.

I ask him naively "how many now?" And his response was "all of them". All it warranted as a reply was a very loud, very clear "fuck!".

I was suddenly very aware that we were surrounded by giant windows and that he was wrist deep fisting my pussy. Such a intimate moment being displayed to the world and i just wanted it to last forever. I was too scared to move in case it would stop the pounding i was getting, but sadly as it was my first time taking a fist the pain soon started to settle in.
We slowly stopped and we just lay amazed on his bed. He definitely knew thats what he wanted to do, it didn't happen by accident and i was euphoric that it happened.

My bus and train journey home was interesting, sitting down and feeling my hot throbbing flesh between my thighs was a stinging reminder of how i spent me day…


Next time – Feeling Rejected…


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