Feeling Rejected…

So, I haven't spoken much about my currant situation. I will get to it and explain in more detail but right now, its all about today.

On my quest to hook up post relationship break up, i found myself talking to a guy who i would later called Master. He very quickly exerted his dominance over me with a simple "good girl". We would text each other everyday and he would be quick to correct me if i didn't call him "Master" and send me instructions to please him. I got too cocky one day and he didn't talk to me for 5 days, it was excruciating and i felt lost, rejected yet hungry for more.

He pulled me back in with a simple message saying
"Does slave understand the rules yet? Trying to grab masters attention results in punishment".

If i had the strength i would of made him wait for my response, but my pussy was already reacting and i responded with "I understand" within 30 minutes of his message.
It was all moving forward and i felt myself wanting to please and do anything for him, which is how i found myself agreeing to him coming to my house to present his cock before my mouth so that he could cum on my face to make me his.

He never arrived.

I forced myself to sleep so I didn't have to deal with how i was feeling. When I woke, i still had no explanation and my messages had gone unread. I felt truly dejected, so much so that the feeling of rejection sent tears streaming down my cheeks.

Today marks a week of no response and i felt a moment of weakness today and asked him for an explanation, his reaction was to block me. Talking to other potential subs has filled the void, i am still missing that connection i felt with my first Dom. He ignited the fire again deep within and i will be always been thankful for the spark.

I am called Seven because of him.


Next time – Awaiting my fate…


3 thoughts on “Feeling Rejected…

  1. missy says:

    I am sorry that you were treated so badly by this man. I love the anticipation and the ‘mind fuck’ aspect of D/s but I think that you have to have trust that the other person has your wellbeing at heart and it sounds like he was just playing the game, rather than being the caring Dominant that you are looking for. Hopefully you will find someone genuine soon 😊


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