Our first meeting

After a few weeks of exchanging messages we agree to meet for a drink to see if the chemistry is there for a basis of a Dom/Sub relationship.

You chose the bar and set the time for our arrival, 9PM.

On the day of our meeting, i am a flurry of excitement and anticipation. Will he like me? Will he desire me? Will i want him so much that i am willing to surrender my being to please him? I'm deep in thought, when i am interrupted by the vibration of my phone.

"Send me your outfit choices."

I was not expecting such an idea and i bring together 3 outfit choices.
Option 1: blue high waisted jeans with a black loose spagetti strap top thats at its best without a bra.
Option 2: grey off the shoulder leotard with a tight pencil skirt pinafore dress, at its best with no underwear at all.
Option 3: black slip dress with lace edging.

I wait.

"Option 3"

I finish getting ready and i head out to meet you.

I arrive at the bar and find the entrance, i am totally unaware but you are watching from afar as i arrive, late. I settle myself at the table and i order a cosmopolitan to steady my nerves. I'm sitting with my back to the door so i can avoid glancing up nervously.
As you come up behind me, you run you fingers across my lower back and my back arches in response. I stand to greet you and we kiss cheeks to say hello.
You order a straight up whiskey.

I don't know where to look as I'm suddenly aware that you are looking at me, through me, scanning my actions for answers. I fidget in my seat as i feel the weight of your eyes on me and i focus on my drink. Cold, sweet, strong.
I start to feel myself relax, or maybe the cocktail is kicking in. We exchange the standard conversation until we settle on a topic that is more in keeping for our meeting. We've already discussed our kinks and limitations, so tonight was about meeting and figuring out if the attraction was there.
It definitely was.

As his eyes boar in to me, as he talks i can feel the heat from my pussy burning through my dress. Feeling nervously excited, I finish my drink and as a bar tender passes us i hastily order another.

"Did i say you could have another drink?"

Caught off guard at the sudden shift of energy, i stare at him wide eyed not realising the hunt has already started.

"Come with me…" he says calmly grabbing my wrist and walks me out the front door.
We take a turn left out the door, then left again down a concealed entrance and we are in a a small alley way which connects two streets.

"Not only did you order another drink without asking, most importantly you was late – you should learn your place"
He stands tall and strong over me, i can see the shape of his broad shoulders and slim waist through his crisp white shirt, maybe even a faint inkling of a tattoo on his upper arm. I want him pressing his weight against me, pushing me further against the wall.

"Get on you knees and show Master that your sorry"
I follow his instructions and kneel before him, he strokes my face tenderly "If i set a time, i expect you will be there on time, otherwise you will be punished accordingly. However, as we are where we are i will simply have to make do with you expressing how sorry you are. Do you understand?"
"Yes Master" i respond and i can see the outline of himself pressing against his trousers.

He undoes his button then lowers his zip and my eyes are fixated on his cock in front of me, my mouth wanting to please him. "Take it"
Being a good girl i do as I'm told, i start by wetting the tip with my tongue and i look up at you for an approving nod, which you give me and i slide as much of you as i can into me. I can feel my pussy pulsing for you each time I take you in and out my mouth, in my head imagining you dick was there instead. Your standing strong, but not moving as i move and I'm thinking is he enjoying this, is this what he wants?

In that moment, you grabs a fistful of hair and lowering your voice say "show me how sorry you really are" as he pushes his cock all the way in hitting the back of my throat and holding it there. He holds me there, my eyes blinking is my only way to communicate, and you pull me back and i gasp for air – but only briefly do you allow me this pleasure as you pull me back onto you this time starting to build up a rhythm.
My eyes are streaming with tears as you still manage to push yourself further, spit is starting to dribble down my chin and i can start to feel you speed up. You let go on my hair and i take the initiative to continue as you had made me, i feel your balls start to tense up against my chin and i pumped my mouth on you fast as i feel your hot, salty cum hit my throat. I suck you clean and swallow every bit.

"Good girl – Stand with you back to the wall, legs wide and out front and your arms out from your sides."

The tears start drying on my cheeks, most likely mixed with mascara but i do as I'm told. I can feel the air brush over my sensitive pussy, which is almost exposed through my thin lace thong. You step in front of me and stare down at me "Very good girl, i feel that you have taken your punishment well therefore i will reward you." He puts his fingers in to my mouth and i lick and suck them, i can see a fire in his eyes burning and i hold contact with them as he swiftly lifts my dress up and plunges his fingers right into my wet pussy.
I close my eyes as they roll back briefly feeling the depth of your fingers in me, I hadn't looked but i can tell they are long. "Keep your eyes on me". I pull myself together and your thrusting your fingers in me, my legs start to buckle as you graze you thumb on my clit. I can feel the tightness in my belly building and I'm grinding against your hand staring back into your fiery eyes.

"You like that don't you? My fingers fucking you and my thumb rubbing you" i whisper "yes" heavy with breath and you pull you hand out. You leave me standing there panting as you walk away.

"Master. Next time you will say Master. See you inside."

I try my best to compose myself and reduce the fire inside, i lick my fingers and I'm tempted to finish myself off but i know i shouldn't so instead i wipe my cheeks to remove the dried make up. I pull my dress down and settle my hair and head back into the bar.

Master is back at our table drinking his whiskey, my cosmopolitan is opposite him, a cruel reminder of the denial of my orgasm.


Next time – Very productive day


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