Very productive day

Mondays are my day off so I usually reserve them for catching up on chores, personal training session and shopping.
Today was going to be very much like a normal Monday except i woke up with a raging horn that needed to be satisfied.

I spent around 2 hours this morning have a lazy play, pushing myself a little further than i would normal take myself and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Back to the mundane again, but still needing another fix. I need to get fucked today. Or at least play with myself some more.

After i got home from my gym session, i found myself back in my room toys out, lube out and my camera set.
I was determined, i was positive it was going to happen, i was going to make myself squirt.

I'm not sure where the fasination came from, i do remember a previous boyfriend fucking me so good and hard with my legs over my shoulders that afterwards we found our cum mix sprayed over the sheets. So maybe thats where the initial idea came from.

I've seen squirting in porn videos and of course i watch it to get off too, but i also watch for the technique so i can learn how its done.

Today was different from all the other times, i must of got the position and depth just right as it happened almost immediately once i found my rhythm. My morning session must of warmed me up.

I'm so in love with myself and in awe of what my body can do. I can't wait for when my body is under someone else's control so I'm pushed even further.


Next time – Those 5 words


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