Those 5 words.

"Hi, how are you?"
"Very well, thank you."
"So, what are you into?

BOOM there they are, those 5 words.

Straight out in to the world and everything laid bare.

That is something i admire about the world of Kink, but at the same time….really?
Where's the chase and getting to know each other, finding out the fun or hard way? I get that there needs to be a mutual interest in each other kinks, but surely some kinks are flexible depending on the person?

Splitting my time between Kinkd and Bumble, those same words (maybe a slight variation) strike up very different responses. One warrants a no holds barred honest answer and the other an equally honest "fitness, food, movies and Gin" to fit in with and be "desirable." As blunt as it is, I do know which i would prefer.

I can tell the guys that are looking for online fun and those that actually want to meet me. Online fun is fine, i get something from it too and it certainly helps on the days that i am raging with the horn. I just get sucked in and enjoy being desired and wanted, but i want so much more than "show me your ass." I don't want a boyfriend, I've just got rid of one of those. I still want a connection with someone on a much deeper level than just being fun time friends.

I know what i want, desire and need from a Dom…well at least what i want right now, i know that will change once I'm more experienced and have learnt a few hard lessons. I will get there and i will find him.



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