Caught up.

So, here we are. At another blog that i have no idea as to what i am writing about. Sat in another coffee shop with a rather delicious Salted caramel hot chocolate listening to Gogo Penguin to make me feel like i am smart, educated and mysterious.

So lets just start with where i am at the moment.
So, S is still very much on my mind considering i ended things some 4 weeks ago. Can’t seem to shake him away from my mind.
There’s also an N in the mix as well but thats complicated.

So N….I matched with him on Bumble the night that i met S. We chatted and hit it off straight away and he was very straight to the point and we were going out on first date within 48hrs. I had a great evening, despite being a tad hungover. We arranged to have a second date the following week. However, once i had my date with S i cancel the second one with N. There was so much more spark with S than there was with N, I wasn’t sure i was attracted to him but did know that he was a genuine good guy.
N and I kept contact as friends neither of us know many people in the area and we did get on well! I continued to ask him about his dating whilst i was seeing S. Never getting jealous when he told me about any potentials, but also never discussing things about S with him.

When me and S ended, me and N started hanging out, more so to keep each other company with a lack of social life on both our parts. Food and a movie at either of our places, so anytime he suggested anything romantic or he got a little flirty i was very quick to say that we were just friends.

With another weekend looming and no plans to speak of, he invited himself over. Between us we managed to drink 2.5 bottles of wine and while watching a movie, he kissed me and i was too weak to deny it. I want someones attention, i want to be desired and i do like him, just not 100% sure on how much especially with S setting up shop in my head.
We watched another film after that and he kissed me at the end and how we got to the bedroom was a bit of a blur.

In the morning we picked up where we left off and he gave a rather delicious cliteral orgasm within about 10mins of waking up. So it seems that N ticks a lot of boxes, but is it enough?

So I’m caught between an S and N. While searching for the S&M.
Why can’t it just be simple for once!?

Love, Seven

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