End of 2018

After i saw this post of Instagram I made it mission to follow this post, i found it simply inspiring.

Instantly as i read it, i realised that i had spent so much of my year focused on everyone else. I had wasted so much time talking to people that didn’t deserve my time, energy, patience or cunt. I kept waiting for them to make the time for me, do what i wanted them to do, for me. They had it all right, they were doing what was “right for them” looking after themselves while i was waiting for them to look after me.

I promised myself there and then that i wasn’t going to make the same mistake going forward. Despite it being a waste of my time, the so the lesson learnt in the process will not be wasted. I’ve spent 12months learning that bad boy, lol.

I cut off and deleted number from my phone (for like the millionth time this year) and asked the universe to send me better and more deserving people.

I try to think of goals for the following year rather than resolutions, i want to being positive changes and things into my life rather than eliminate things. Those 6 weeks gave me such clarity, so much so that when i did sit and write on NYE the words just flowed out the pen and on the paper, they were clear, precise and specific.

Whether those 6 weeks ended at the beginning of a New Year it wouldn’t of mattered – it would of been a new beginning for me regardless.

I’m leaving things and people behind in 2018 and only taking with me what serves me.

I’ve got a really good feeling about this next chapter of Seven.


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