Can FAB swinging turn to Fab dating?

For my non UK readers, FAB swingers is Website that connects people that are looking to hook up sexually in any which way. Whether you are single, married, gay, sub/Dom, transgender, kinky or vanilla, etc there is someone on there to forfil your yummy desires.

But what happens when you meet someone on that you have a genuine connection with and want it to be deeper than just a one off?

That’s the situation I’m currently in. I logged back onto to reconnect with previous fab friends and after sifting through the messages that are bombarded into an “online” hot, single women’s inbox I found someone special.

We established we was attracted to each other (physically) swapped Kik, started chatting and swiftly arranged a coffee for 2 days time. On my profile it states that “i’m fabbing in between dating but if I happen to meet someone via here then that would be awesome” so it does state my ideal intentions.

After chatting it turned out that we had similar intentions that FAB wasn’t what we really wanted to be doing, but we just used it to fill out needs between dating.

When we met I was instantly attracted to him, especially his NY accent…so hot! Coffee turned to drinks, which turned to food and then we just walked around chatting. I don’t feel that I need to hide any aspects of myself because we met on Fab, it’s already exposed us and what we like, so why the need to hide?

Somewhere after dinner we decided that we was on a date not a “Meet” and we arranged date no2 for this weekend (1 sleep to go!).

I have a real good feeling about him; now whether that’s him being a great fuck or potentially more than that I can’t decide, but with all the lessons I learnt last year I feel really comfortable (not panicky) about just seeing where it goes.

If it goes no where, “thank you, next”, if turns into something “thank you, stay.”

So, what are people’s thoughts on this? Can a FAB/hook up/one night stand lead to something more, something truthful?




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