So, i was discussing with one of my friends about dating and sex. As you can imagine it’s a very broad subject.

The angle i was keen to discuss was that i’ve had a few experiences where i have been dating someone for a few weeks to then find out that the sex isn’t great. Yes i know that things can improve over time, yes i know that sometimes nerves get the better of people and yessss i also know that things can be taught. But what happens when the spark goes once you find out the sex is rather lack lustre?

I found out that apparently Dita Von Teese slepts with her dates very quickly to establish whether there is a connection and that the sex is good! I have tried to find out whether this is true but to no avail. Regardless, going on the chance that it’s true then I’m going to consider What Would Dita Do when faced it’s dating/fucking situations.

I could have numerous dates with someone to find out that there’s no sexual spark there and then it’s game over. Equally, i could fuck someone and we have that connection but then he disappears soon after, same result. Which scenario is better? Both involve sex, both end the same way, but one involves less time.

I’ve heard on numerous occasions that dating should be looked at like a job. Meet for a coffee first as it’s only 30-45mins max and then if the attraction is there arrange for a 2nd date to go for drinks/dinner. That’s great, but I don’t have the ability to do that during my working week and limiting it for my weekend doesn’t allow a lot of time. So, what’s so bad with cutting to the chase and just meeting for a fuck and then go from there?

Here’s an added update for the Fab/Date guy, he was utterly delicious company on Saturday night. He certainly left me wanting more, i was fully prepared for a Sunday spent in bed devouring each other, but he had other plans….typical. One day i will meet someone who is up for the challenge that is my sex drive. We are still in contact, but as to what will happen next I really don’t know. I’m always in such a rush to put a label on stuff and i really need to quit with that, cos it just doesn’t work like that.

I am literally everything all wrapped up in one package; the slut, the girlfriend, the one night stand, the one who wants to make you breakfast in bed, the one thats wants to gets pounded, the one who wants to snuggle up on the sofa, the one who wants to be dominated. So far I’ve only had combinations of these, but i need all aspects.

As always, one topic morphs into another, but that’s just me.



One thought on “WWDD?

  1. Man of mystery says:

    If the sex doesn’t work early it never will. Won’t ever get into a bad sex relationship again. Made my mistake. Guys who aren’t ready aren’t. I think willingness to take chances is attractive and a key ingredient to a successful long term relationship


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