Lost & Found

Let’s go back a few days. I texted one of the guys that i had previously met on Fab to see if he was around to entertain me for the evening. I quick and swift “yes” was received and he was round a few hours later.

When we tried to meet up previously he asked if i would wear some sexy underwear, I saw this as totally pointless as he would be removing it very quickly therefore why bother? But i humoured him as i had cancelled our last meet very last minute and thought i should make this a gesture as a apology. I selected a set I’m rather fond of, a black lace with purple satin set: balconette bra and French knickers. I wore this under some jogging bottoms and a crop jumper…what? I needed to go let him in and i have a commonal hallway.

Anyway, i had to lose the bottoms to reveal the underwear so stood in front of him whilst he sat on the sofa and pulled my bottoms down. I was asked to sit on his lap and his fingers were swiftly in my lace knickers to find my excitement waiting for him.

One thing that i like about this guy is that he always looks after me before even thinking about himself. It’s like he knows, if he gives me that first great orgasm then I’m (pretty much) up for anything! So with my first orgasm taken with his fingers and tongue, i set my lips and tongue on him. Perfectly smooth and fat.

Something i have realised with all these encounters i don’t have the desire for it to last a long time, the term “wham bam” sadly comes to mind. I want it repeated over the next coming hours (which sadly no one has stayed for!!!!) but each individual act i kinda want it done quickly. Have i lost the ability for romance and anticipation? Or is it because i know that it’s not going to amount to anything?

Anyway, I bounced my way to a second orgasm with the help of little purple (thats my vibrators name…cos apparently thats a thing) and his finger up my ass as i rode him reverse cowgirl. Then it was his turn to take over, so he fucked me doggy with his feet planeted either side of me rather than on his knees. I’ve only just discovered this way of doggy and i quite like it, makes it feel more dominating and very porn like.

As he had done legs in the gym, we didn’t stay this way for long and i was soon hanging my head off the bed as he fucked me face down. He asked if he could cum on my back and i was happy to oblige – although i do find this odd as i literally can’t do anything to promote him to cum but there you go. After his finished, he popped to the toilet and cleaned up and brought me some toilet roll, how gentlemanly!

We had a quick catch up and he was on his way home.

Fast forward two days.

I was at work and popped to the toilet for a wee and took my phone with me, cos ya know, corresponding! I finished up and put my phone away and carried on with work…although something felt odd. I could feel something bulging in my knickers and i was trying to think what it was, had i got distracted whilst wiping and left toilet roll? That can’t be possible. So went back to check.

I pulled my knickers back down again, which were clear and i bent forward to have a look and to my utter horror….a condom is hanging out.

A fucking condom is fucking hanging out.

Of me.

I couldn’t help by laugh and feel mortified at the same time. I extracted the condom and disposed of it correctly and had to access the situation. I messaged the guy and asked him if he remembered getting rid of the condom and he instantly said “yeah” but upon further questioned he said that he didn’t remember. Once i got home and checked my bin I could confirm that it was his.

Of course, i went little nuts at him but equally i know it was an accident. I hope. I didn’t even think to check the bin or myself for a condom i wasn’t even aware was missing. I feel that it is his responsibility to know where it is as he has put it on in the first place, either way there is a lesson to be learnt here. I should be checking my vagina and bins for condoms in the future.

I’m just so thankful that it came out some quickly, i dread to think…..*shivers*



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