The Sex Ban 2.0

In the lead up to February i had started to feel what is called “dating fatigue”. I was losing interested in endless chat that wasn’t amounting to anything, dates that never happened due to illness/work commitments, etc and also no one peaking my interest.

So i had put a mental note to myself that maybe it was time to have a break again. It was so beneficial last time i did it, however last time it felt different.

Last time, i needed to have some time on my own to rebuild myself worth and evaluate my feelings, whereas now i am in a great place of self worth and i feel the best i have felt mentally and emotionally for ages. I just need to give myself some more time rather give it to someone else.

Maybe the effects of my last post has stuck with me and I’m not interested in meeting someone because i know who i want? It’s a bit of a mess really, isn’t it?

Anyway, so the rules for Sex ban 2.0 are:

  1. No dating apps
  2. No Fab
  3. No hooking up with previously conquests/exes
  4. No sex
  5. Any dates must be meet from IRL meeting

I think these are pretty easy to adhere too.

There was one key event that happen that really propelled this to happen. I went on the worst date ever. It did spill into February but we was chatting before so i thought that i would just let this one run its course.

He was an utter nut job, i can appreciate someone being nervous before a date but that doesn’t excuse his behaviour. Rather than do a whole write up, I’m going to compile a list of things that he did:

  1. Launched at me for a hug upon meeting me
  2. Asked my opinion on a text conversation with a colleague 2 minutes into us meeting: asking if she was being “a cunt…?”
  3. Discuss his dating profile/chatting tactics
  4. Ask if my ex was “Still drinking?”, “do i still love him?” and “do you think you’ll get back to together?”
  5. Continue to ask intrusive questions, then only acknowledge their rudeness when i refused to answer them
  6. Ask me questions but not allow me to answer them. Then continue to answer your own question and then asked me another, repeat
  7. Casually slip in that he was a crack addict in his past
  8. Ask what kinks I’m into, and further probe for a reason why I didn’t want to discuss it with him
  9. Keep asking about the subject to my blog after i had stated 3 times “stuff” – if i wanted to say i would, don’t asked 2 times more why
  10. Said that he didn’t think he could ever live with someone and give up his own space, or how be with just one person for the rest of his life
  11. Ask how the date went putting me in an awkward position

So yeah…a rather terrible date. I wish i had ended it right at the beginning after he hugged me, i could pick up on his frantic energy and i knew right then i was in for a rough ride.

Stay tuned for Sex/ dating ban updates.



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