Strangers on a Train

You stood out from the crowd as you paused and gestured for the elderly women to get on the train before you. I caught myself smiling that such a gentlemanly gesture was still present on the London Underground.

I chose to stand while you chose to be seated, i clung on to the red pole to steady my balance and I watch you out the corner of my eye studying my hands, my fingers, my rings and then you notice my fresh ink, still sore and swollen. My gift to myself on valentines day, a love heart sweet tattoo in hot pink on my delicate wrist. We meet gaze and we smile at each other. I notice that you have sky blue eyes, that look that they go on forever. We hold eye contact and i raise my eyebrow to say “…yes?” Your face is a mixture of things; you smile changes to a smirk, your eyes once so serene now look on fire and you return the eyebrow gesture and i laugh out loud.

You extend out your hand and introduce yourself as James, in return i take your hand and tell you my name. As the tube train grounds to a halt it brings us back and we realise that we are surrounded by people most likely watching our exchange.

“I don’t make a habit of meeting or talking to people on the tube, but if you don’t have any current plans, would you join me for a drink this evening?”

I take a few milliseconds to check him over; no wedding ring, nice watch, smart shoes and a tan overcoat, hair thats due a cut, a slight bit of stubble coming through from this mornings shave and i general feeling in my stomach of safety.

“It would be my pleasure to join you, let me give you my number”

I type my number into your phone and just as i press save, we have arrived at my stop. I flash a smile along with a shrug of my shoulder and disappear.

I smiled to myself the whole way to my hotel, fancy coming to London on a whim with nothing planned so i could explore and see where my feet take me and i get invited out for a drink from someone on the tube, does that really happen?

I arrive at my hotel and i check in, make my way to my room and my phone rings just as I’m setting my bag down in the room. A number flashes up that I don’t know and butterflies start flapping in my stomach, i answer and it’s James. Once we have figured out where we were to each other we could make a plan as to where to go this evening. I mentioned a bar that I have been too locally and we decide to meet there at 9pm. I wanted to make sure i was somewhere i knew so i could make a quick escape if needed.

I head out about 7:30pm to grab some food, i found a gorgeous little Italian restaurant where everyone was talking loudly and throwing hand movements around and i just sat in the corner enjoying a deliciously simple pasta dish people watching over my glass of wine. I wasn’t far from the bar so i got there just before 9pm so i could remind myself of where everything was.

Having located the bathroom i come back round to the bar and see James stood at the bar smiling at me. We exchange an awkward hello and he asks what I’m drinking. Already a glass of wine in, i order another glass and we timed it perfectly as a secluded booth just cleared as we went to find a seat.

We shared a little laugh at our meeting on the tube and we begin to ease into each other company as we start to get to know each other. The conversation is easy and relaxed, James is intelligent and articulate which I highly enjoy and i really start to notice how attractive he is. He found it very intriguing that i came to London with no plans but to just walk and explore, i sensed his intrigue was because he was used to routine and structure. The first round disappears and it’s my round. I head to the bar to order our drinks and i call my friend to tell her how things are going.

I return to the table and we continue talking, people coming and going around us as we get deeper and deeper into conversation. As we hit drink number 3, he moves in closer as it gets louder around us and he repeatedly places his hand on my thigh between gesturing. I make sure to return some contact. A loud group enters the bar and distracts my attention away from James, as i turn back he kisses me which catches me off guard but I’m totally in to it and i start kissing back. We part and he asks me if i want to go to a different bar. He tells me about a really quirky cocktail bar a little walk from where we are.

We head out and the cold air catches in my throat and my cheeks feel pink and flushed, James grabs my hand and puts it in his pocket with his and it wasn’t long til we were walking into the next bar. Wanting to suss out our location i do a visual look over the place and excuse myself to the toilet. I go to the toilet and freshen up my make up and text my friend where i was just as I’m exiting the toilet and James is outside. The same smirk and fiery eyes on his face from the tube as he kisses me and pushes me backwards back into the toilet, back into the cubicle. Caught up in the moment, my hands are all over him just as much as his being all over me. One hand cups my buttocks while the other cups my breast, i pull him in closer with my arms wrapped around his waist and feel him pressing hard onto me. He breaks away from me and turns me around so I’m facing the wall and pulls my jeans and knickers down. He frantically puts on a condom and takes some of my wetness which he rubs on his cocks and slowly pushes into me, our breathing is heavy and a groan escapes my mouth as he builds up speed; one hand wrap across my chest and the other circling my clit. I’m banging against the cubicle wall and i can feel my knees begin to buckle, but he holds me tighter and it only makes him fuck me harder.

The sound of the main bathroom door slamming into the wall, makes us stop as a group of girls hustle in to the room loudly. He gently places his hand over my mouth and slowly continues to fuck me, whispering in my ear barely audible how sexy i am, and how good my pussy feels. His breathe on my neck, his fingers on my clit and his cock fucking me oh so slowly, i can feel how wet i am because i can feel it making its way down my inner thigh.

I can feel him tense inside me, he’s about to cum and just knowing that started to make me tip over the edge. We held ourselves in that moment, feeling each other clench and tense. Then we hear the gaggle of girls start to exit the toilet, as the doors shut behind them he starts slamming me against the wall but keeping his hand over my mouth. My knees buckle underneath me as i started to cum, but he was still holding me tight so I wasn’t going anywhere. He growls in my ear and I know he’s cumming too when his final thrust pins me to the wall. He holds me there for a few moments, our only communication via our heavy breathes.

We giggle to ourselves as we compose ourselves and we head out. I hold his hand and follow his lead and he takes us right out the bar. Which confuses me, but he swings me round and cups my face tenderly and kisses me gently and i can’t think. He steps back and says

“….Well that was new”

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